5 Common Keyword Research Mistakes

eben pagan blueprint trafficOn the internet, you can find thousands of products for a single niche and many of them are hot selling products. You do not have to be extremely creative to make your own product. With the right information, you can easily create best selling products that people will buy right away. Keyword research will help you to identify the right niche market for your product. Even a small mistake in this step will lead to a product that will not appeal to your audience. So make sure you get it right by avoiding these mistakes before launching your digital product.

#1 Working with generic keyword phrases

Depending on the product you like to promote, you have to find the exact keywords that your potential audience will use for searching. Generic keywords are easy to find and the heavy competition for those keyword terms may indicate profitability. However, you should focus on finding a specific niche audience who are interested in buying your product. So, you should spend your time to find the exact matching key phrase that your potential niche audience will use while searching for a product to buy.

#2 Choosing a keyword without commercial potential

The sales of your product directly depend on the willingness of your niche audience to purchase the product. To attract the audience with buying potential, you should choose keywords with commerciality.

Once you know the market you should start thinking about how you are going to publish your product whether that is using www.gipsymoon.net | Publish Academy Reviewed or any other course. On the internet, a lot of users are simply looking for information and if you market your products to them, you won’t make any sales. You should instead find out the keywords that buyers use for searching so that you can easily approach them with your products.

#3 Dreaming about traffic based on search volume

While researching for keywords, you should obviously focus on keywords with a higher search volume. However, you should understand that the search volume doesn’t necessarily indicate the amount of traffic that your niche site can get. Even if internet users use your niche keyword phrase for searching, they don’t become unique visitors for your website all the time. The search engine rankings can only give you an estimate of the amount of traffic you can get and click through rates can vary widely.

#4 Being overconfident to deal with competition

Profitable keywords in any niche will always have a huge competition. Every internet marketer will have a limited budget and it is your responsibility to ensure maximum return on the marketing investment. You may be too keen on specific keywords suitable for your product, but if the competition is too heavy, you need to deal with caution. If the top spots are occupied by well-established brands in the market, your business will receive little attention. So, it is best to analyze your competition before taking action.

#5 Not analyzing keyword search trends

During your keyword research, you should not forget to check the keyword trends. Finding a niche can be really simple if you follow Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control. Seasonality of certain keywords is explicitly obvious. However, you should always analyze keyword trends to ensure profitability. Based on the search trends, you can judge whether the niche is developing or declining. There is no point in investing your time and money on a dying niche that was temporarily extremely popular.